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Shock Mounting & Packaging Cushion

When you need to send high-value cargo, you deserve peace of mind that it will arrive safely and securely. From antiques and art to medical equipment, electronics, heavy machinery, and industrial and commercial goods, Bay Area Crating Services is here in San Francisco, CA, and Sacramento, CA, to provide you with specialized crates and packaging cushions to mitigate damage and distress.

Shock Mounting or Cushioning in Sacramento

Understanding Shock Mounting & Cushion Packaging

Shock mounting packaging provides extra cushioning and protection for your equipment during transit. It has built-in shock absorption that can protect your assets from vibrations, shock, noise, humidity, moisture, and even dust. We take particular care of shock mounting products as it ensures your content’s security and safety throughout the entire process.

On-Site Shipping Cushioning & Crating

Bay Area Crating Services offers turnkey crating services that streamline packaging and shipping requirements. For residential and commercial customers alike, we specialize in providing on-site shipping, cushioning, and crating, allowing you to secure your heavy, oversized, or awkward item without having to worry about transporting it to our facility on your own.

State-Of-The-Art Mounting & Shipping Cushioning

Bay Area Crating Services provides state-of-the-art shock mounting and shipping cushions. We use innovative internal and external packaging materials to protect your items from a wide range of potentially damaging events—drops, shocks, vibrations, and more. We wrap and shock mounts sensitive equipment in specially designed foams and materials that mitigate high-risk hazards.

Our Promise to Reduce Risk

Cushioning inside containers includes corrugated padding in metal or wooden crates designed to conform around your assets to prevent vibrations and movement during transit. Depending on your equipment, padding, and cushioning can be up to three inches thick for maximum protection. We also use specific techniques and hardware to immobilize products in the box.

Crate Cushion Options

Bay Area Crating Services boasts an expansive selection of packaging cushion solutions to safeguard various items. Using trusted materials, including various types of foam, vapor barriers, hard shell cases with built-in skid runners, and more, we are prepared to assess and determine the most effective and safe solution to ensure your item easily absorbs shocks, vibrations, and impact.

Corrugated Crates

We offer corrugated crates as an economical, lightweight, and versatile solution to protect various types of furniture or large objects that are not entirely fragile during shipping. Our team will design and assemble a custom corrugated container with double-wall corrugated fiberboard based on the size, value, and mode of transport you’re looking to pursue.

Hard Shell Cases

Bay Area Crating Services offers hardshell cases for top-of-the-line protection that ensures the safe handling and transport of your valuable belongings. Hard shell cases are custom-made with high-impact polyethylene and gasketed to eliminate the risk of water ingress, offering unrivaled durability for a range of different objects.


Bay Area Crating Services offers an array of anti-static cushion packaging materials, from wraps to barriers and beyond. Our anti-static packaging is designed to combat electrostatic discharges, preventing damage to your electronic devices during packaging, storing, and transit so you can rest assured your belongings are safe.

Vapor Barrier

We offer vapor barrier packaging cushions to protect sensitive or bare metal objects that may be subject to moisture during transportation. Vapor barrier bags gently coat these items and are then air vacuumed to remove humidity and heat sealed to ensure they remain impenetrable and protected during their shipping journey.

Foam Cushioning Applications

Bay Area Crating Services offers a range of trusted foam packaging cushioning applications to protect items across many different industries. Using polyethylene, polyurethane, and other foam cushioning solutions, we provide adequate cushioning and support with pieces custom-tailored to accommodate your item during transit.

Your Destination for Crating Services

Bay Area Crating Services is your leading destination for premium crating solutions that streamline your operations and keep your items safe and protected during transit. Our professionals offer solutions for the following crating needs:

Contact Us for Crating & Shipping Cushion Solutions

Let us take care of the logistics, crating, and shipping while you focus on your day-to-day operations uninterrupted by your relocation or storage needs. For a personalized solution that meets your needs, time constraints, and budget, contact us today for a no-obligation, free estimate.

Providing Solutions to a Variety of Crating Needs