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Advanced Crating to Protect Your Medical Equipment

Medical equipment can be fragile, heavy, and expensive. As a result, you need world-class crating and shipping services to ensure your medical equipment is transported securely and safely.

Custom crating

Medical Equipment Crating Solutions

Bay Area Crating Services uses the most advanced crating methods and packing materials to make sure your medical equipment is thoroughly protected. We provide several solutions:

  • Custom crating for oversized and uniquely shaped devices
  • Vapor barriers to protect electronic components
  • Pre-built and on-site crating for special situations
  • Shock mounts and cushioning
  • ISPM-15 Certification for international shipping
  • And more…

We can handle a wide range of medical equipment including diagnostic devices, lasers, scanners, imaging machines, and more. To learn how our medical equipment crating and shipping services can help you, contact us today.

Providing Solutions to a Variety of Crating Needs